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Festiniog Railway
transfer set for Ashbury coach

  • We make the transfer in:
    1. 4mm = 1 ft scale
    2. 5.5mm = 1ft scale
    3. 7mm = 1ft scale
    4. 16mm = 1ft scale
    5. plus others when requested

  • Our transfer for the Ashbury 1st class coach comprises the lettering, stars, garter crest shown in Slater's photograph, plus numbers appropriate to this coach.

  • Our transfer for the replica Ashbury coach comprises the lettering, garter crest and '10' as shown in Slater's photograph.

  • Our transfer for the Ashbury 3rd class coach comprises the "THIRD" and approprite numbers as shown in Slater's photograph.

  • Our transfer sets do not include as standard the gold lining used on these coaches. The lining is placed on the half-round beading at the edge of the panels and is extremely difficult to apply correctly to the models. We can supply gold lining for the coaches. Pleaee contact us for details.

  • If you wish to use our lining for your coach, we suggest that you order our free sample lining transfer (you pay P&P if ordered separately), in order to try it before you commit yourself to the full set.

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16mm = 1ft scale
F.R. transfer set for Ashbury coach

  • Our 16mm scale transfers are designed to fit the Slaters Plastikard kits for the coaches

  • The applicable unit price is determined by the total of 16mm scale Ashbury coach transfer sets ordered together (excluding the lining samples).

    ie if you order 2 of one transfer and 1 of another, you pay for each at the unit price for 3

  1 set2 sets3 sets4 sets 5 sets6 sets
Price per set for first class coach £
£ £ £ £ £
Price per set for replica coach £
£ £ £ £ £
Price per set for 3rd class coach £
£ £ £ £ £
Quantity  sets for first class coach   
sets for replica coach
sets for third class coach
free sample gold lines
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  • If the scale is not in the menu, write the scale in 'Unlisted' box
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We do not charge for this request.   The basket will not ask for your card number, nor other financial details if your order comprises this alone.

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North Wales, United Kingdom.