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South African Railways NG
lettering sets for selected 2ft gauge wagons

  • We make the transfer in:
    1. 4mm = 1 ft scale
    2. 5.5mm = 1ft scale
    3. 7mm = 1ft scale
    4. 16mm = 1ft scale
    5. plus others when requested

  • From Union to about 1934, the lettering was in English only. We don't believe that the class lettering was displayed during this period.

  • From the mid 1930s to decimalisation in the early 1970s, the lettering was in English on one side and Afrikaans on the other.

  • During the 1960s, silver-painted vans displayed black lettering and numbers instead of white. However, many narrow gauge vans remained in red oxide.

  • Unless you request otherwise, we include the yellow class letters and a leave a gap for them in the number sequence. Some photographs taken in the 1960s on the Avontuur show class letters which appear to be white.

  • We have details of the individual numbers, loads and tares of wagons extant in the late 1960s. We will normally use these in the transfer.

  • We have used the 'correct' typeface and size for the lettering used up to about 1970. Towards the end of this period other styles, particularly stencilled, were used.

  • We have photographs showing spacings and positions of lettering which vary from the 'correct'. We have taken note of these variations, but you can only achieve complete accuracy by supplying a photo of your wagon taken during the period you model.

  • The transfer does not include the extra lettering carried (eg) by tank wagons and guard's vans. Email us with your requirements for these.

7mm = 1ft scale
SAR lettering sets for selected 2ft gauge wagons

  • Please read the notes above before ordering this transfer
Price = £ per order plus £ per wagon for up to six different wagon classes
Wagon class
Running numbers (if known)
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