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Indian Railways
yellow Hindi & English fleet initials for locos

  • We make the transfer in:
    1. 4mm = 1ft scale
    2. 7mm = 1ft scale
    3. Gauge 1 (Please Choose Scale)
    4. 16mm = 1ft scale
    5. plus others when requested

  • We have scaled the letter height from photographs to be 250mm

  • We have left a gap of approximately 600mm between the letters, again scaled from photographs

  • The spacing seems to vary and we will adjust this to your requirements if necessary.

  • We will add more sector initials as time and demand permit.

16mm = 1ft scale
Indian Rlys 250mm Hindi & English fleet initials for locos

Price = £ per order plus £ per wagon for up to six different wagon classes
sector rly initials
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4mm = 1ft scale
Hindi & English initials for locos

Price = £ per order plus £ per loco for up to six different sector railways
Sector Rly Initials  -  Enter if unlisted  
Confirm Quantity  
   and repeat for each different sector railway
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  1. Always
    roll over green text
    click on blue

  2. Main Menu

To get details of the transfer in a scale not given above
  • Select a scale from the drop down menu
  • If the scale is not in the menu, write the scale in 'Unlisted' box
  • Click on the Add to Basket button
  • Check out in the normal way
Anything else?  

We do not charge for this request.   The basket will not ask for your card number, nor other financial details if your order comprises this alone.

Click Here for details of the 5.5mm Association
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North Wales, United Kingdom.