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  • We individually hand-craft every transfer sheet that we make. Our system is designed for short runs and prototyping, with a maximum sheet size of about 600mm x 300mm. We can step and repeat items up to that maximum size. As we make each sheet individually, we cannot significantly reduce the unit price for multiple sheets nor can we make long runs of transfers.

  • Our Price Structure
    There are 3 parts to our prices: Artwork, Negative & Transfer. Artwork encompasses all new-draw, editing and typesetting. Each different colour the transfer requires a letterpress negative and finally there is the price of making the transfer itself. Each colour in register is laid down separately over the whole of the transfer sheet, so each extra colour increases the price by that of a single-colour transfer.

    We have three price rates as shown below: Stand Alone, Headless Chicken and Ironing Pile

    We have started preparing artwork templates so that we can make sets of (eg) individual wagon transfers at a much reduced artwork price. These will be noted in our transfer catalogue.

  • 1. Stand Alone
    This is our base price

    We make transfers in standard sheets approximately A6 in size, or multiples of A6. We charge for Stand Alone transfers at the rate for a standard sheet. For example, if you wanted a 10mm x 10mm transfer at the Stand Alone rate, you would pay for any artwork, an A6 negative and an A6 transfer. Click here for a guide to our Stand Alone prices

    We will advise you if it is possible to make your part sheet transfer at our lower, Ironing Pile rate.

  • 2. Headless Chicken (Rush Job)
    For those people who needed their transfer yesterday.

    Transfers made at this rate take precedence over everything else. It is often possible for us to despatch rush jobs on the day of order. The maximum size for same-day despatch is a single colour A3 transfer and the artwork must be supplied to us before noon in a format which requires no editing by us. We charge at the Stand Alone rate for the order plus a surcharge for the waiting time between the first enquiry and the order being placed (for same-day despatch), as well as a surcharge dependant on other orders which have to be put back as a result. Out of hours work attracts a further surcharge.

  • 3. Ironing Pile (Extended Delivery)
    Our lowest rate.

    Our original artwork for model transfers tends to be complicated and time-consuming to prepare. To reduce the price dramatically, we will prepare such artwork in slack periods at a much reduced, nominal price.

    Part sheet transfers may be combined with other suitable part sheets to bring them up standard sheet size. Where this is possible, we charge for the transfer and negative pro rata. There is usually a much extended delivery period for Ironing Pile transfers, as they depend on our receipt of orders for future suitable transfers, orders which we rarely know about at the time of your order.

    Catalogue transfers are priced at this rate

  • Check out our artwork requirements

  • Our shipping charge is added at the shopping cart. The rates given are for transfers cut into A5 or A6 sheets after manufacture and packed in gripseal plastic bags, backed by silicone-coated backing sheets. An additional charge will be levied for transfers sent as larger sheets, or when the customer requires individual, smaller items on a sheet to be packed separately.

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Stand-Alone Price Guide

  • The prices given below are linked to our database and so those shown on line will be our current prices.

  • These prices are for guidance only and may vary, depending on the nature of the work.

  • We will always give a quote for your particular transfer and this must be accepted before we start work on the transfer.

  • We do not carry large stocks of mirror foil material. If we have to order in such material, we will have to charge to cover our supplier's minimum order quantity.

  • Scroll down to see worked examples of our prices

Artwork £   per hour
Emailled artwork conversion charge from £   per item
1 colour A6 negative from £
   + £ for each additional colour
1 colour A5 negative from £
   + £ for each additional colour
1 colour A4 negative from £
   + £ for each additional colour
1 colour A3 negative from £
   + £ for each additional colour
1 colour A6 transfer from £
   + £ for each additional colour
1 colour A5 transfer from £
   + £ for each additional colour
1 colour A4 transfer from £
   + £ for each additional colour
1 colour A3 transfer from £
   + £ for each additional colour
A6 mirror foil from £
A5 mirror foil from £
A4 mirror foil from £
A3 mirror foil from £
Standing material charge
eg negative storage
£   per item
EXAMPLES: A6, single-colour transfer,
artwork prepared by us
from our library artwork
No repeats required
  A6, single-colour transfer,
artwork prepared by us
from your specification,
the negative to be stored
by us for repeat orders
  A4, 2-colour transfer,
artwork matching
our requirements
emailled to us by you.
No repeats required
Artwork - (say 1hr) £ -
Emailled artwork (say) £ - (say) £
1 colour negative £ £ £
2nd colour negative - - £
1 colour transfer £ £ £
2nd colour transfer - - £
Standing material - £ -
TOTAL: £ £ £
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