Artwork Requirements

  1. Artwork by Us
    We use Adobe Illustrator CS6 on a Macintosh to generate our vector artwork. From this we print a Letterpress (right-reading) negative for each spot colour and use them in the production of our transfers.

    Unless agreed otherwise at the time of order, we will create all artwork for hobby transfers at our Ironing Pile rates. If you require a faster turnaround, you must upgrade to Stand Alone or Headless Chicken rates.

  2. Artwork by You

    1. Limits

    • Minimum line thicknesses is about 0.2mm (approx 0.75 pt)

    • Maximum sheet size is about 600mm x 240mm

    • Leave a 3mm (10 pt) gutter between each separate item on the sheet

    • Leave a 3mm (10 pt) margin on all four sides of the artwork

    • Sheets which cannot be cut into A5 sections for despatch will incur extra shipping costs

    2. Vector Artwork in Illustrator

    • Use solid, spot colours

    • No colour gradients

    • Avoid clipping masks

    • Convert strokes to outlines

    • Convert type to outlines, or supply a copy of the font

    • Each colour should have the same formula.
      eg Rich black, process black, spot black and global black have different colour formulae even though they appear to be the same colour

    • Group each separate colour onto its own layer

    • We can make transfers with up to six colours in register

    • Unless different colours have to be in register with each other, put them on separate sheets: You pay for each colour over the full area of the sheet, even if it is only a tiny dot in one corner

    • The colour of your artwork need not be a true representation of the final colour of your transfer

    3. Bitmaps

    • We can use bitmaps, eg jpeg, gif, tiff etc, but only for single-colour transfer artwork

    • Bitmap artwork will not provide as high a quality transfer as will vectors

    • Zoom in to about 5000% to see whether your bitmap is suitable to be used for your transfer. Edges which are jagged will remain so in your transfer

    • Bitmaps should comprise only 2 colours: white for the transfer image and black for the background

    • We can reverse the colours of a black on white bitmap, but this process dramatically reduces the quality of the image

    4. Colours

    • We can match colours approximately to Pantone values or colour swatches. However, there are far too many variables affecting human colour perception and the applied transfer's environment for us to guarantee a colour match

    • We reserve the right to charge for mixing colours

    5. Additional Artwork Charges

    • We will charge at our appropriate artwork rate for any work required to make transfer negatives from customers' artwork

    • We will always seek your approval for such work before carrying it out

    6. Caveat

    • We will make transfers from customers' artwork at their own risk

    • We cannot guarantee that the presented artwork will be suitable for transfers and can accept no liability for any visual defects in transfers made from such artwork

If in Doubt, Please Ask

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